Why and How Do Women Masturbate?


Masturbation should not be a taboo topic for women. Not only does it feel amazing, but it can also improve your health, sleep, and sex life. Whether you struggle to reach orgasm or simply looking for a different masturbation technique, these tips from Athens escorts will sharpen your solo sex skills. Why Do Women Masturbate? Women masturbate for exactly the same reason as men. it’s pleasurable and can help with everything from insomnia, boredom, or sexual frustration. Percentage of women who masturbate can vacillate from just 38% to 92% depending on who you ask and how. But that really isn’t …

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Info About Genital Warts And Herpes


Info About Genital Warts And Herpes There are many diseases and conditions in this world. Some are talked about with gusto while others are talked about in hushed voices with perhaps a furtive glance or more over the shoulder to make certain no one has overheard. And one of these socially taboo topics is that of herpes and genital warts. Both herpes and genital warts are Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD’s) and infectious. For the many part you will contract both herpes and genital warts through sexual relations with an infected person. This means through foreplay, anal sex along with vaginal …

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